Speakers: Forum 2

The Innovation & Application of Smart Healthcare in Taiwan

July 11, 2019 10:00 – 12:00, Main Stage, IMPACT Hall 5-6
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Keynote Moderator

Dr. Chien, Chung-Liang

CEO of the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry (IBMI)

Dr. Chien received his Ph.D. degree from the Department of Pathology, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University in 1995. Dr. Chien has been one of the faculty members at the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University (NTU) since 1995. He took a research leave as a visiting scientist at the Graduate School of Medicine, the University of Tokyo in 1999.

His major research interests are neurobiology and stem cell biology. As an internationalized medical educator, more than 40 medical students from 18 different countries have been trained at his stem cell biology laboratory since 2004. Under Dr. Chien’s supervision, 11 graduate students earned their Ph.D. degree from the institution at NTU. Most of them received faculty or clinical positions at university/medical centers. Since 2007, Dr. Chien served as the Associate Dean of College of Medicine, as well as the Deputy Director of the NTU Center of Genomic Medicine to promote the translational medicine research within NTU campus.

Currently, Dr. Chien served as the CEO of the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry (IBMI) to promote the potential collaboration between academia and bio-industry in Taiwan. Besides, IBMI just launched the international platform of “Taiwan Healthcare+”, a website PORTAL for medical and biotech opportunities in Taiwan.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Lee Roy Chun

Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research (Associate Research Fellow, Deputy Director)

Dr. Lee is currently the Deputy Executive Director of the Taiwan WTO and RTA Center, Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research (CIER). Dr. Lee is members of both the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy, Executive Yuan, Taiwan, and Advisory Committee of Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council.

Dr. Lee specialized in trade liberalization policy, WTO, services trade, Non-Tariff Measures (TBT and SPS) and regional integration. He is policy advisor for Taiwan’s trade negotiations with China mainland, New Zealand and Singapore, capital-based expert for Taiwan’s delegation for WTO services trade and TBT meetings and on the general liberalization policy. He is (with Taiwan’s nomination) on the indicative list of Dispute Settlement arbitrators for the Taiwan-Singapore and Taiwan-New Zealand ECAs. In other capacities, Dr. Lee is a frequent column writer on liberalization policy for major newspapers in Taiwan.

Before joining CIER in 2006, Dr. Lee worked as a regulatory expert project consultant, Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) and the ASEAN–Australia Development Cooperation Program (AADCP). Dr. Lee received his PhD in Public Policy from the Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University.

Panel Moderator

Dr. Lee Kwo-Whei

Superintendent of Yuanlin Christian Hospital (YCH), Taiwan

Dr. Lee Kwo-Whei is the Superintendent of Yuanlin Christian Hospital, which is the first Smart Hospital in Taiwan since 2015. Before then, he had served in Tri-Service General Hospital (Attending Physician) and Changhua Christian Hospital (Director of the Department of Medical Imaging). And he is also a Clinical Professor of N.D.M.C (National Defense Medical Center).

Not just one of the branch hospitals of Changhua Christian Hospital, Dr. Lee is now leading the Yuanlin Christian Hospital with the vision of being Patient-Centered & Eco-Friendly. Combining Healthcare, Information Technology, and Architecture Designing to improve the medical resources for people living in central Taiwan.


Mr. Hsieh, Ping-Jung

Business Development Manager of IMEDTAC Co. Ltd., Taiwan

Mr. Hsieh is the business development manager of imedtac which is committed to building the next generation of integrated care platforms with the latest technologies, including the Internet of things, and providing quality, comprehensive care and real-time, multi-faceted communications. He is in charge of building connection and developing collaboration opportunities in the SEA region and the rest of the world. Mr. Hsieh received his MSc. degree in biomedical engineering at National Yang Ming University. He is focused on integrating technology into medical services and has worked as an R&D engineer, patent engineer, product manager, and project manager which give him a comprehensive experience.

Mr. Harry Yang

VP & GM, Medical Devices Products Group, Qisda Corporation, Taiwan

Harry Yang is the Vice President and General Manager of Medical Devices Products of Qisda Corporation.
Having served for leading IT companies including Acer, HP, Lenovo, Yang’s experiences and insights in this field make invaluable assets for Qisda. His leadership throughout 30-year professional career covers countries and continents like Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, giving him ample experiences in overseas operation and management.
Harry Yang received his B.A. from the Department of Statistics at National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, and MSc Master of Computer Science degree from Florida Institute of Technology, and an Honorary Doctor of Computer Science from Ubon Ratchathani University.

Mr. Chen Chih-Jui (Ray)

General Manager & Founder, Longgood Meditech Ltd., Taiwan

Ray, served as LongGood’s CEO. There are more than 10 years experiences in medical device industry. He used to serve as system manager of an advanced imaging system in the medical center, and product manager in the medical device company to provide the in-need service to clinics and patient via software value-add. Customers include rehabilitation and neurobiology department, and some nursing home. Charter LongGood LTD in 2011, aiming the diagnosis and training solution for stroke, and dementia, and tele-rehabilitation for outpatient. The next step is expand current market to overseas developed countries, suffering from aging and expensive medicare service.

Mr. Chiu Wen-Pin (Bryan)

Assistant VP of Medimaging Integrated Solution, Inc., Taiwan

Bryan Chiu leads the Global Business Development team for MiiS’s Sales and Marketing Center. Bryan also leads the strategy, budget, and results for a worldwide field sales and marketing team. He has over 20 years of sales experience and 5 years working in the medical imaging industry.

Dr. Wang, Min-Liang

CEO of Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co., Ltd, Taiwan

Min-Liang Wang was born in Taichung, Taiwan. He received his M.S. (2005) and Ph.D. (2011) both in National Chung Cheng University. His doctoral research materials were focused on the 3D computer vision and place recognition for robotics application. He published 3 journal and 10 conference papers in robot-related field. In September 2011, he proposed a novel method for sensing place and recognition by using a single catadioptric camera, the paper has been accepted by the journal of robotics Research (IJRR). Min- joined the IRCAD/Taiwan group as a researcher from July 2011 to July 2014, working on the endoscopic image enhancement for lesions labeling and large intestine lesions early diagnosis, augmented reality for minimally invasive surgery and SLAM for medical robot. He is currently an assistant professor for the National Chin-Yi University of Technology from July 2014. His research focuses on medical image processing, medical robot, surgical navigation and cloud computing.
Research Interest: Medical Image, Augmented Reality, Clinical Colonoscope Diagnosis and Image Analysis, LED spectrum, Robotics Surgery, Computer Vision, Robot Vision, GPU Parallel Computing, Multimedia System-on-Chip design.

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